Returning to school… & Happy International Women’s Day!

‘Change’ what a funny thing! Not many people like it…
Children never like change… So, to go through these uncertain, strange times… it is just absolutely incredible! This photo is of our boys when they returned to school from the summer holiday! I thought I would share this again…

Today children of England officially returned to school and reunited with their teachers and friends after such a long time! Our children couldn’t wait to see their friends! This image show’s exactly how they were feeling! I too had to go back to school and reunite with my students… it was the best feeling I love teaching!

Every time I look at this photo it really does lighten up my day and everything else is forgotten… Ready to face any challenges!

& another very important note….

Yes! It’s international Women’s Day!

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” -Anonymous

International Women’s Day. We will stand together, lift each other up and remember all that we have achieved. To be proud of one other and to encourage. We are strong and we are brave. Let’s celebrate!

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