About Me…


Hi I’m Jaime! I am a mother of two boys, my little inspirations! I have had a passion for photography since I was a teenager. Earliest photos being at school with my friends… And yes I took photos just about anything that was funny especially of my lovely friends laughing…

My friends would say “here comes Jaime with the camera…”

I was given my first SLR! Yes! it was a manual camera, a lovely gift from my parents then spent many hours of fun in the good old fashion dark room at college and at university where I took urban photographs of students life! Time went by and I soon became a graphic designer… Photography was still a passion and carried on as a hobby.

Later my magical husband bought me a Digital SLR, I loved it…I took many photos of beautiful landscapes especially when we went on our travels. Months went by and I then became a teacher… Taught some photography but not enough…And very soon after my first son was born… I started to capture photos of little ones and their adorable smiles, I absolutely loved it! From then on I started my photography tales…and I didn’t stop…

My inspiration comes from my family, combinations of life experiences, being a graphic designer and a teacher So if you would like me to capture your special moments and capture you smiling…

A Member of The Guild of Photographers!

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